2017 Animal Quality Assurance Youth Training is a Success

Over 130 4-H and FFA youth in Custer County participated in Animal Quality Assurance Youth Training on Tuesday, May 23, held at the South Lot of Adams Land and Cattle in Broken Bow. The event was put on by Adams Land and Cattle and the Nebraska Extension in Custer County. Additional event sponsors were Merck Animal Health and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Employees from Adams and the Extension taught the participants about correct production practices including establishing a herd or flock management plan, using antibiotics responsibly, identifying and tracking all treated animals, maintaining medication and treatment records, proper animal handling, and following appropriate feed mixing and diet developing procedures.

The 4-H and FFA members were also given a unique behind the scenes tour of the feedlot, as they learned how Adams incorporates quality assurance into their production practices. 

Troy Walz, Extension Educator for the Nebraska Extension in Custer County said the goal of Youth Quality Assurance is to teach youth about the quality of meat and food products that come from livestock.  “Quality assurance for youth livestock producers means making a promise to the consumers, or the people who consume products from livestock, that these products will be the highest possible quality and that the young producers will do everything possible to make these products safe to eat,” said Walz.

"By combining a tour of the Adams feedlot with our Quality Assurance training, youth were able to see how the good production practices that we teach are implemented in livestock feeding operation.  Youth were also able to ask specific questions about the Adams Land and Cattle feeding operation and their quality assurance practices,” added Walz.  

“These young livestock producers need animal quality assurance training certification to show animals at fair.  Along with the requirement for fair, we hope that the real-life examples and discussions held at the training provide them with knowledge that they can use as they continue to become the future of the industry,” said Amy Staples, Director of Regulatory and Compliance & Research and Development for Adams.