A Successful Future Built on a Proud Past

Russell Adams Jr., the founder of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC, grew up on a farm northeast of Broken Bow. In 1945, he married Angenette Hammond. After farming with his father for eight years, Russ and Angenette purchased 300 acres of land one mile east of town and started a dairy. They supported their growing family by milking cows, feeding a few head of cattle and hogs, and raising corn and hay.

In the mid 50's, Russ began the business of backgrounding cattle for resale at the local auction barns. This was an efficient way to make the most of the roughage the farm provided.


In 1971, an additional 1,063 acres of land four miles south of Broken Bow was purchased, and a one-time capacity for backgrounding around 8,000 calves was developed. At this time, the farm employed six people.


In 1973, the Company was incorporated under the name of Adams Land & Cattle Co. and the decision was made to change over to cattle finishing.


By 1990, our company owned over 6,000 acres, and the feedlots reached a one-time capacity of over 30,000 head of cattle.


By 2008, our company grew from a 30,000 head feedlot to about 100,000 head and 35,000 head of backgrounded cattle. We also started transitioning the day-to-day operations to a young and energetic Management Team. 


Adams Land & Cattle's vision is to be the most disciplined and consistently profitable top 5 beef producers in the nation.  Today, we have over 130,000 head of cattle located in Broken Bow and two other finishing-lot locations as well as over 130,000 head in more than one-hundred backgrounding locations throughout the United States and Canada.  This, paired with administrative offices in Omaha, NE and Broken Bow, NE, gives us a STRONG FOUNDATION FOR GROWTH.