Adams Land & Cattle, LLC cares about Broken Bow and the fine people who live and work here. As one of the largest employers in the community, our company provides a steady income and job security for more than 200 individuals and their families.

Our presence on the Custer Economic Development Corporation helps ensure our region’s growth and prosperity. Together with area producers, we uphold a sustainable agricultural industry that is vibrant in Central Nebraska. We purchase 9-11 million bushels of corn every year in Custer County.

 We’re happy to do all we can to help support our community

Our company offers monetary support, beef products, equipment and labor to a variety of community organizations, events, and special projects each year. From rodeos and recreation, to meals and medicine, from board meetings and barbecues, to teaching and teamwork, Adams Land & Cattle, LLC is there.

 Young people hold a special place in our hearts

As an annual sponsor for the third-grade class in Broken Bow, we conduct special tours and programs throughout the year to help youngsters in our community learn about beef, and its impact in our world.

 Giving back is important to us

Our natural resources have endured for centuries, and we want to preserve their beauty and viability for generations to come.